“A” is for “Absent” by Chris Piper


Missing school = Missing out

In my rebuttal, I will be arguing against Chris Piper’s article that states that attendance should not affect your grade in a specific class.  I feel that it is important to attend class and get the most out of your college experience and learn from your professor and peers as much as possible.  I understand that it may be possible to do well on assessments without attending class ,but I feel that attending is an important part of becoming an adult.

Piper feels that as long as you do the work expected and do well on your tests/exams that you should not be penalized for not going to class.  He states that he had high marks on the tests and projects in a certain class ,but when the final grade came out he had a “C.”   He realized that based on the syllabus he earned the grade given to him ,but he does not feel that it is right because he understood the material and performed well on assessments.  In the article he also references that professors have attendance policies to stroke their egos or because when you have a job you can’t be absent.  These are arguments in favor of not having an attendance policy.  The position that Piper takes is that as long as you do all the work requested there is no need for attendance in the class.

I question the following statement by Piper: “I spend plenty of money on my education and my choice to fully take advantage of the expense is exactly that – my choice.”  I disagree with this statement because I feel that you are doing yourself a disservice by not attending class and getting the most out of your money.  I feel that attending class and listening to your professor and peers is important and you may learn important life lessons that are not in the testing material.  I realize that we are measured by grades ,but to me grades are not the only reason we go to college.  If you are in college unfortunately you need to go to class if there is an attendance policy because it will negatively affect your grade and therefore is not your choice.

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