Argument Style


Tailgating with my family for the LSU vs. Alabama game this year

About a week ago I had an argument with Alex, who is a good friend of mine.  We were arguing over who is the better quarterback, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.  We love to argue about sports and have debates over what teams are better or what players are better.  It is usually good natured fun ,and we like to debate over such topics.  This particular argument lasted quite a while as I was arguing that Aaron Rodgers is the better quarterback and he was on Tom Brady’s side.  We both would throw out stats to back up our argument from sports websites to make our points.  In the end, we both agreed to disagree with each other’s opinion because this is really a subjective matter.

The above argument is typical of the types of arguments that I normally have.  I am a fairly laid back person ,but I do have a passion for sports and love discussing sports topics and debating different issues with others with the same interest.  It usually revolves around football or basketball because that is my two favorite sports ,and for some reason Alex is usually on the other side of the argument.  We normally make a solid case with facts and reasons why we believe what we believe ,but in the end we usually agree to disagree.

My parents and past coaches and teachers have had a great impact on my style of argument.  My dad loves sports and always has an opinion as well.  He always tells me that if you have a passion for something and believe in something to give everything you have to be as successful as possible. He is laid back like me and is not confrontational but likes to give his opinion on certain issues.  He taught me that it is important to always try to back up your arguments with facts and not just opinion if possible because it will make for a better argument in the end.  My past coaches/teachers have also instilled in me that it is important to be aggressive if possible ,but this is something that I struggle with.

The best trait of my current argument style is that I try to back up my points with facts and not just opinion.  I feel that this is very important in any argument so that people will believe you.  I feel like I am not always direct when arguing and therefore need to improve on that front when arguing my case.  I think it is important to be flexible with my argument style and look forward to improving by learning from others.

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